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THE GFE GALA sets Crawley on fire with a RED CARPET, at the Spring Gala Dinner event


The Red Carpet became a Dazzling Display of Fashion

The Spring Gala Dinner  took place on Saturday 1st of June 2024. This was the inaugural black-tie event hosted by Gumba Fire Entertainment as they launched THE GFE GALA. Held at the exquisite Tamashah Restaurant, the evening was a testament to elegance, sophistication, and cultural celebration. Onlookers and bystanders couldn't help but marvel at the spectacle, with some saying they had never seen an event of this type in Crawley. Some even stopped to ask why everyone was so dressed up. Their curiosity piqued by the dazzling display of elegance and glamour as the red carpet was turned into a fashion show.

The atmosphere buzzed with anticipation and excitement as attendees, adorned in their finest attire, mingled and networked. The event brought together a diverse mix of individuals, including local business leaders, community leaders and cultural enthusiasts, all united by a shared love for a well-rounded experiences and refined entertainment. Councillor Yasmin Khan, the cabinet member for public protection for Labour party was also in attendence and to gave an inspiring speech about the work we're doing in the Crawley community. The inspiring words tied the event beautifully.  

Calling all enchanting souls, whether you come solo, with a partner, as a group of friends, or representing your esteemed company – our Masquerade Ball awaits You! Every mask conceals a story and every corner holds an adventure. Join us as we end our year with a ball!
30 Nov 2024, 18:30 – 23:00 GMT

Highlights from the 2024 Spring Gala Dinner

A Stunning Showcase of Fashion and Elegance

The Spring Gala Dinner was an enchanting evening that truly set the standard for upscale events in Crawley. The red carpet sparkled as elegantly dressed guests arrived, transforming the night into a dazzling display of fashion and sophistication. The gallery above captures just a glimpse of the glamour and joy that filled the air, from the radiant smiles of our attendees to the stunning décor that made the evening unforgettable. Each moment was a testament to the beauty and elegance of a well-curated event.



The Spring Gala Dinner Event, the inaugural black tie event hosted by THE GFE GALA, was an evening of elegance and empowerment.

The event is rooted in our passion to cultivate a vibrant cultural scene within our community, where diversity and inclusivity flourish. Through the Spring Gala Dinner, we are not just hosting an event; we are cultivating an ecosystem of cultural appreciation, education, and connection, setting a new standard for what it means to come together in celebration.

Guests were treated to a drinks reception, live entertainment, comedy, and a luxurious 3-course dinner, creating a memorable experience filled with sophistication and glamour.

We'd like to say a BIG THANK YOU to everyone that come and supported us. Everyone looked amazing. 

A elegantly dressed woman, smiling for the camera, wearing a black and sitting next to a beautifully decorated table at the spring gala dinner. She's wearing a black dress .


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